Who TF Needs Authenticity

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Racquel Lee

March 26, 2024

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Who TF Needs Authenticity?

In today's hyperconnected world, consumers are not just looking for products anymore; they're seeking brands that embody values they care about. Simply put, consumers want brands that are heroes. 

Reesa Teesa, a rising TikTok star popular for her Who TF Did I Marry series, has captivated audiences with her flat-out authenticity. She walks viewers through her 50-part, eight-hour unscripted saga of being married to a pathological liar, and unlike many content creators who portray a curated version of themselves, Reesa’s genuine persona resonates deeply with her followers. Through her unfiltered content—often while driving or rolling her hair—she has turned digital platforms into virtual amphitheaters, garnering over 400 million views and 3.7 million followers on TikTok seemingly overnight. 

In her TikTok series, Teesa details how her ex was supposed to buy her a dark-blue BMW SUV, the X5 model, with a cognac interior. Her followers rallied behind her, tagging the brands in question and urging them to step up and make a difference. This grassroots movement showcased the power of social media influencers to mobilize their followers for a greater good.

BMW quickly responded to their mention in the series, capitalizing on Teesa’s virality and posting a TikTok video of the car and clearly referencing her series. The car quickly sold out, with consumers clamoring to get their hands on the same model that Reesa had praised. Rather than simply enjoying the increased revenue, BMW acknowledged Reesa's role in the success of their product and gave her credit for it. This acknowledgment not only reinforced Reesa's credibility but also endeared BMW to her followers, who appreciated the brand's recognition of their favorite influencer.

The response from brands varied, with London, Paris, Hilton, Delta, and car companies, entering the chat. This reflects the demand from consumers for brands to be heroes in their own right, to use their resources and influence for the betterment of society. 

The success of viral moments like Reesa Teesa’s Who TF Did I Marry series sends a clear message to brands: authenticity reigns supreme. In today's world, consumers crave more than just products—they seek brands that stand for something meaningful. Brands must seize the opportunity to align with authentic voices and champion values that resonate with their audience. Consumers are no longer content with passive consumption; they want brands that are heroes, ones that stand for something greater than profit. 

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