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Naomi Augustin

September 01, 2023

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Astrology as an Identity

Have you checked co-star lately? After all, mercury is in retrograde…

Astrology, once an ancient celestial practice, has transformed into a contemporary identity cornerstone. Simultaneously, brands have certainly leveraged their sway to captivate consumers, offering relatable traits that help people define themselves and connect with others.

Its’ meaning continues to resonate deeply, particularly among millennials and Generation Z, who seek purpose in its introspective narrative. According to Instagram’s 2023 Trend Report, “almost half of Gen Z social media users answered “No” when asked if they would date someone with an incompatible astrology chart”.

Consumers are referencing their charts to gain insights into those around them and delving deeper to foster connections beyond surface-level interactions. With the aid of technology and emerging astrology-centered tools, this practice has transformed into an effective avenue for uncovering the connections that many have been in search of. Consequently, it has evolved into a method for discovering purpose, establishing a sense of control, and seeking guidance—offering reassurance, particularly in an age where the pursuit of stability is paramount.

By aligning products and messaging with zodiac traits, companies have continued to establish emotional and spiritual connections. Whether a beauty brand mirrors Leo's confidence, or simply aims to resonate with a Virgo's analytical nature, this personalized approach enhances engagement.

From fashion collaborations inspired by zodiac signs to social media's astrological content, brands adeptly embrace astrology. Starbucks crafts horoscope-themed beverages, to Spotify’s zodiac-themed playlists. Taking personalization to a whole new level, it has become so embedded in today’s culture that brands have continued to employ the core characteristics of each zodiac sign to curate suggestions for the unique preferences of individual signs.

Celebrities and influencers humanize themselves via zodiac signs, amplifying relatability, and authenticity. As technology advances, hyper-personalized astrological content could deepen brand-consumer connections.

Yet, ethical consideration arises with the potential manipulation of audiences that gravitate to this realm.

The dance between astrology, identity, and branding hinges on balance. Brands align with self-perception, but ethics are becoming increasingly important. Astrology's journey from antiquity to marketing today underscores its enduring power in shaping perception and fostering engagement.

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